"Our number one goal is to 'Safeguard' the interests of our clients."

-Robert Klein, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Safeguard Properties, LLC

Safeguard Properties, LLC is one of the most respected companies in the mortgage field service industry. The reason for this is simple: we provide resolution to our clients' needs. The ability to provide the solutions our clients rely upon is rooted in the unsurpassed customer service we provide our clients. Our outstanding customer service is largely dependent on the superior services Safeguard's field representatives provide.

Special Message:

Consumer Complaint Hotlines.

REO Vendors: 877-340-5909 x2160

Inspection Vendors: (216)750-4545 x2155

P&P and All Other Vendors: (216)750-4545 x2158

In addition there are certain circumstances that require immediately contacting a customer service number, these include: SCRA, PTFA, or Extraordinary Circumstances. Do not use order updates to relay complaints to Safeguard. Reporting to the phone number provided above ensures appropriate tracking required by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well as prompt resolution.
Mobile Team introduces a new download site, new app icons and Push Notifications for Android - Preserve Mobile. For details on the update please Click Here!

You can also go to SPIVendor.com for more details and training materials.

The Ethics Hotline
Maintaining high ethical standards is a core value for Safeguard Properties Management, LLC. The Safeguard Hotline provides you with a simple, anonymous way to confidentially report improper conduct or violations of Safeguard's Policies by any Safeguard representative, including all staff, management, contractors, or vendors acting in Safeguard's name.
You may file a report at https://safehotline.com/, or by dialing toll-free 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233). Safeguard's Company ID number is 4523333536 (required for making reports). This hotline service does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods. It is not intended to serve as a complaint hotline or a place to report technical issues.

HUD Debarment
A debarment sanction means that an individual, organization and its affiliates are excluded from conducting business with any Federal Agency government-wide. Debarment is the most serious compliance sanction and is generally imposed for a three-year period or longer. It is important for vendors to review the HUD Debarment list when searching for employees/subcontractors to perform work. The HUD Debarment List can be found at: http://www.sam.gov

Resources MUST call their main to have their passwords reset. Helpdesk is unable to assist in re-setting passwords for resources.

If you are using Preserve Mobile, do not open these orders on SafeView Preserve until AFTER you transmit the photos.
If the work orders are opened before you transmit, the photos will not be labeled in SafeView Preserve.


Please be advised of Safeguard's Revised Help Desk Hours:

Monday - 7:30am - 8pm EST

Tuesday - 7:30am - 8pm EST

Wednesday - 7:30am - 8pm EST

Thursday -7:30am - 8pm EST

Friday -7:30am - 8pm EST

Saturday -10am - 2pm EST

Sunday -Closed

If you are experiencing issues labeling / unlabeling images or adding tasks / bids, please clear your browser temporary files and cache (Ctrl-F5) and restart your browser. Thank you.

Preserve Mobile:

Backup your photos for your record keeping.
Please NOTE: You are required to backup your photos prior to uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Failure to do so will result in unrecoverable lost photos.